The physical characteristics and the special surface finish of the dry wipe Resin Coated Steel sheet for white board Marker grade surface provide an excellent writing surface for use with dry marker pens.

White Marker Board come with the convenience of zero maintenance & long lasting writing boards for Schools, Colleges, Banks, Conference rooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Auditoriums, Hospitals, Railway stations, Bus terminals, Shopping malls, Retail shops, Residential complexes, Sports complexes, etc. and now-a-days, even at homes. These have replaced the traditional slate chalk boards in schools & colleges to a great extent.

• Resin Coated Steel Surface
• Long time Durability
• Perfect finish
• Precisely designed
• Anodized Premium Aluminium Frame
• ABS plastic corners
• Echo friendly and light weight particle board used

Clean the surface of all ink residues or dirt with a wet cloth or sponge at least once in 15 days so that the laminate retains its original look. After wet mopping, the surface should be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove any water substance on the surface.

The Marker Board (dry wipe grace) has no Ghost Marks and zero maintenance products.

2’X1.5’, 2’X3’, 3’X4’, 4’X4’, 4’X5’, 4’X6’, 4’X8’, 4’x10’, 4’x12’, 4’x16’
*Customised sizes also manufactured on order

Please do not use permanent markers on white marker boards as the text may not be erasable. Use only White Board Marker Pens.